stuffed vegetables with minced chicken breast

Hi, there.

I did some sort of experience with dinner,


Basically, minced chicken flattened on the wrap and put lots of vegetables on it, roll it up like sushi!

No hassle what so ever!!! Why its orange – red color….? I used paprica to get smoky flavor.

Very healthy, because it is just poached in a hot water ( n  o  n)v

For the sauce,I used Pesto… very tasty!!! Maybe try one day….?!///

Love Soumen? Good old food in Summer

Is it getting steamy and hotter out there???

It is getting hot in Japan…Typhoon past day before yesterday, so back to summer!

So, I made this typical Japanese food in summer, SOUMEN or SOMEN whichever it is, I do not really care…

This one is pretty good, though..I used to hate it when I was kid because…I do not know why (n  _  n”)

but now, I think it is good to eat during summer. This noodle is made of flour, basically really really really thin Udon noodle.

but the texture is very soft touch, not like Udon, since it is so thin! You can add any vegetables or meat such as steamed or boiled chicken. Whatever you like to eat with (o  v  o)!

Mmmm, and the sauce….it is very simple, I posted on Recipe page, so have a look!! Taste like sweetened and more soy sauce of Udon Noodle soup.

You can also get the ready-made Somen sauce from Asian store, I am guessing…

coz I’ve seen one when I was in Australia.


Chicken Kofta Curry with Naan

Yummy Yummy Curry day, today!

Everyone loves curry, don’t you think….? well, I LOVE it ( o  u  o )v

It is pretty hard to get decent ingredients for curry in Japan, at least my home town…

so if you do not have right and good spices and herbs, never get to the actual taste( — _  —:

I ordered bunch of spices to make good old curry, and yes! I made it, Chicken kofta curry. To be honest, I wanted to make lamb kofta, but hey, like I said some stuff I can’t get it here…

Taste was pretty good, but I feel like something sweet now (n  u  n!)


Sorry…forgot to take photo..I will take it when I make it again!!!

Sliced Pork with Sesame sauce

Hi, there!!

Today, I made something different…never cooked before(—- _ —-)

Boil the pork with ginger and spring onion(green part) in boiling water, and spread the sesame sauce on top.

Very simple but taste was quite good.

This sauce contains, sesame seeds, sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar,

vinegar, dried chilli,chopped garlic/ginger/spring onion,

and then just add cucumber, pan fried Shiitake mushroom.

Make it 1 or 2 hours before head, so that water from cucumber leaks out, and gives nice liquid feeling to it!!!

Can you smell the aroma from the SESAME….Mmmmmm  (*** u ***)v


Homemade Burger with Tuna Salad

So far so goo…d I have been pretty busy looking after kids..It’s crazy (> o <)!!

Anyway, I just realized that I have not posted anything since I gave birth this year, so I decided to put stuff back on again.


Homemade burger and Tuna salad. Yes, from dressing to burger bun, everything is homemade…o v o ;;

I will post the crazy yummy soft burger bun, should try it !!!!!!

Put some eggplant and onion in meat patty, cook it, and whatever vegetables and sauce you wanna put in…

In this picture, I made onion dressing,

just normal vinaigrette with onion paste in, though…very very simple

well, I hope you guys like it  ( + u + )

It has been ages….

Hello, it’s been ages since I do not know when…(+ o +)!

I was very busy being pregnant but hey! my little boy finally got out of my body!!!

New one is introduced to our family ( > o <)v

Happy to be back home, and I will definitely start posting again!!

See you sooooooon………


Welcome to 2015!!!  We are going to welcome our third member of our family in March!!! It is a baby BOY!!! We are very excited about it, thinking what to name him…

Anyway, we had traditional way of having New Year meal…These are supposed to be in the New Year Bento Box but it is easier for us on the plate because of kiddie!!! There are sweet black beans, fish eggs, seasoned and boiled kelp and shrimps, heavily sweetened rolled egg, and kamaboko (fish paste SURIMI). If you want it to be more expensive, just name it!!! you can add, beef, duck, lobster, and so on….. but I think it is always good to stick with nice and simple…


We also had Roast lamb as well, but I forgot to take a shot… it was very simple just lamb, vegetables, and gravy, anyway…..(—– __ —-;;)